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SwatyCometFactory artificial grindstones founded by chemist Franz SWATY 1879, so that the company ranks among the centuries of manufacturers of grinding tools. The long history also involves different phases of developing these types of tools. Production started with making grindstones mineral-based binder, and continued making grindstones with ceramic binder, binder resin grinding wheel glass reinforced fabric and flexible product SWATY – fiber. The seventies were created products for use at increased peripheral speed:

– hot pressed grinding wheels with binder resin based on zirconium corundum for grinding machines work in the steel mills.

– cold-pressed abrasive cleaning with a binder resin for the working peripheral speed of 63 m / s.

– grinding wheels in vitrified bond for 50 and 63 m/s for special sanding.

In 1978 started the production of diamond products with a metal bond (diamond saws and crown), 6 years later with the production of diamond grinding tools and bornitridnog the binder resin (program DIABON) and in 90’s the factory was approved production of diamond grinding wheel with metal bond glass and bornitridnog manufacturing grinding tools in vitrified bond. Work on the development of new grinding tools continues. SWATY today produces about fifty thousand different grinding products and sells them in more than 40 countries on all continents. In 1992 the factory SWATY transformed into a joint stock company SWATY Inc. In 1997 he received the Certificate for the introduction of quality systems in development, manufacture and sale of abrasive tools ISO 9001, 2000 SWATY gained a system of environmental protection according to ISO 14001, and in 2002 became a full member of the OSA – Organisation for protection during grinding.

Sandvik Coromant

sandviklogoSandvik Coromant is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools for the metal industry, with more than 25 000 products. In about 60 countries around the world thousands of specialists develop technological solutions for Sandvik’s customers. Sandvik’s success lies in respecting people’s capacities to create, improve and find new ways to get something done. Sandvik product range includes tools for turning, cutting-off tools, milling tools, drilling tools, tools, toolholders, clamps and accepts, tools for multi-task machines.


dormerlogo2This company from Germany has developed itself from a traditional manufacturer of cutting tools into one of the world’s largest manufacturer of TM tools and HSS. Around 1300 employees is constantly looking for improvement and change. Currently Dormer has branches in more than 40 countries around the world, and in over 100 countries, you can buy Dormer’s tools. In the production program Dormer has tools for drilling, milling, grooving and threading, drilling, brackets and accepts.

IA Trebinje

swisslioniatnoviSwisslion Tool Industry Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, produces a variety of tools for more than 55 years. The tools are manufactured from high quality steel (molybdenum, cobalt and other alloyed fast cutting steel). Production program includes tools for drilling (of HSS steels, with a plate of the set of tm), and tools for cutting threads (of High-Speed Steel), a control tool for the thread and hole cutters tool (of fast cutting steel or with a plate of tm), saws for cutting metal cutters, frontal endmills, starters, reamers, tools for mining, accessories for machines, and non-ferrous metals.

FRA Čačak

cacaklogoFactory of cutting tools – Čačak (founded in 1953) was organized for the modern production of standard and special tools using the latest technology of high quality and wide range. Tools are manufactured from high quality tool steel, carbide, ceramic tiles and other super hard materials. You can also use it in a production process for all types of metal processing, non-metal, wood, paper and minerals. Their production program includes tools for drilling and processing holes, milling tools, tools for making the internal threading, tools for external threading, gearing, tools with carbide, tools for controlling and measuring, tools for the design and processing of deformation, special tools, accessories and devices and machines.


foreziennelogoForézienne MFLS, established by Mr Senegas in 1976, has always had strong growth. Thanks to that is nowadays established as a major company in the international market and is exporting to the 5 continents in more than 100 countries. Their brands FOREZIENNE® and FORESTILL® are uncontested leaders in the market for first wood process.
The regular investments in their factories of the latest equipments lead them to have the most modern and performant production tools in the market. Their R&D department has successfully innovated many times with always the same target to increase the life and performance of the tools.


abmlogoABM company was founded by Sam Kesoglu in 1965 in Izmir, Turkey. Production started in 1945th with the machine of A-45 witch was used in tibmer industry across Turkey. In 1987 the company moved to a new plant in Menders,
where it still exists
With the continuous development of the company ABM has become a quality manufacturer of standard and CNC machines for band saws.

SNA Europe

snalogoSNA Europe is one of the oldest manufacturers of hand tools in the world. Significant 150-year history, values and defined way of doing business caused the SNA Europe is accepted and respected company worldwide. SNA Europe distributes the following European brands of hand tools: Bahco, Palmer, Lindstrom, Irimo. In 1886 produced the first blade, which would later become the first Bahco brand produced in Sweden. From the same steel products and high-quality hooks, which have become a trademark Bahco products. Bahco today has a wide range of professional hand tools.


irimologoThe “renewed” Irimo is designed to cover the middle segment of SNA Europe worldwide. IRIMO allows us to respond to both global and local needs. A powerful brand designed to transmit values directly and concisely, identified with the use and the demand required for hand tools.
Irimo tools and materials improve the purchasing experience of the most demanding professionals.

Atlas Copco

atlaslogoOrganization of company Atlas Copco is dedicated to serving customers worldwide. Atlas Copco electric and pneumatic tools, and assembly systems are available through their own sales in about 50 countries worldwide, and via network of independent distributors in another 90 countries. All aspects of the business, from product development to sales and global customer support, Atlas Copco launches a commitment to get a higher productivity in your company. Purchase of Atlas Copco tools is only the beginning of a long and profitable partnership.

PRO Power Tools

atlaslogoPRO pneumatic tool is easy to handle thanks to the Swedish design, top performance and appropriate technical support. No detail is too small for PRO industrial tools. PRO tools have unparalleled quality, performance and durability, as well as a brand widely recognized in the world. PRO POWER TOOLS is a partner of the Atlas Copco Group.

Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd

hitaciThe main activities of Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. are manufacturing and selling power tools.
As a result of continuous R&D and human resource development, they have acquired core technology leadership in ultra-high-speed motors, ultra-high precision machining and electronic control technology.
Above all, Hitachi Koki seeks to reinforce the competitiveness of its present business fields and probe into new, but related fields to ensure its position as a major player of the industry.



froniuslogoFronius firm was founded by Günter Fronius in Pettenbach in 1945. In the beginning it was the production of battery chargers and transformers for welding. Today, Fronius is recognized as a technology leader in three sectors, as a manufacturer of battery chargers, a competent partner in the field of welding in the automotive and other industries where high quality is in the first place and as a manufacturer of high-quality inverters for solar power. Do you use MIG / MAG, TIG or MMA welding process, whether your work is automatic or manual, Fronius welding sources are among the first in its class. Apart from standard sources for welding Fronius in its program also have laser welding, plasma welding, resistance welding, plasma cutting, and other equipment to automate the process

ABAC Air Compressors

abaclogoABAC Air Compressors presents the history of compressed air in the Italian and international industry. The company was founded by Antonio Balma in 1948, and since 1980, ABAC has grown into a strong and dynamic company that is now part of a multinational group Atlas Copco. Thanks to its long history, the company has secured a position as a world leader in the production and distribution of air compressors for industrial, professional, semi-professional and home use. All production is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

ALUP Kompressoren

aluplogoName ALUP compressor stands as traditional and strong sense of commitment to their customers. The success story of the company began in a small machine shop in 1923 in Köngen (Stuttgart). At first they produced only pump for blowing automobile tires, and shortly thereafter developed the first mobile and stationary piston compressors. Screw compressors begin to develop in 1980 in the full range of engine power output 2.2 – 400 kW. Innovation and reliability have given the name of ALUP synonymous with quality in the compressed air industry. All products are in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.


kanthallogoKanthal alloy was invented almost by accident. Forgotten sample in a furnace resulted in the development work in completely new electro materials based on iron-chromium-aluminum. In 1931 the new alloy was introduced on the market when AB Kanthal was formed. After the introduction, Kanthal expanded rapidly on the world market, forming its network of branches in all major industrial countries. The original alloy is still there, even though it is improved in every aspect. There is now a complete range including other heating materials, precision wires, special alloys, bimetals, ceramic fibers, air tubes, high temperature elements and heating systems. The product range covers almost all applications and temperatures certified according to EN ISO 9001. Today Kanthal is a member of Sandvik Group and it is represented in around 130 countries via Sandvik’s sales.